LURE COURSING and RACING __________________________



- Mara and Kya ran in a few ASFA trials in November and December and both earned points toward Mara's field championship and Kya's LCM titles.

- In November, all three got to participate in LGRA straight racing. They had to race out of the starting box which wasn't fun for them at first but once they got the hang of it, it was no big deal. Mara got 2nd place both days with a few points toward her GRC  title. Bek got 4th place the first day. Kya could have beat everyone in speed, but was a bit tentative about the starting box, she'll get them next time!

- For fun Kya and Mara participated in the CAT trial in October and both earned their CA titles that weekend! Thanks to KC Thompson for some amazing photos!

Mara's first ASFA Best in Field!
Mara earned her first Best in Field at the 3rd annual Desert Dog Trial today, 7/20/2012! Gooooo Mara!

- Mara earns her Senior Courser & AKC Field Champion on April 7 in Wichita, KS!! In only her 4th AKC trial, Mara won over some really tough competition. She went Best of Breed over specials for a 4 point major. Mara finished with all majors and has 3 Best of Breeds!! She had a great run for Best in Field as well!


Mara's only 3rd time coursing was on the big stage of the RRCUS National Specialty in Rapid City, SD on September 16. There were over 100 Ridgebacks in competition. Mara continued her winning streak and won 1st place in her stake and another 5 pt major!!! Mara had a great run off for Best of Breed too. Mara just needs 1 point to complete her AKC Field Championship!

Mara made her lure coursing debut with a big splash! On Saturday, May 7, Mara Qualified and ran in ther first AKC trial, not only earning 1st place in Open, a 5pt major but also Best of Breed! She ran her heart out for Best in Field too, but couldn't pull it off. On Sunday, she did a repeat, and went Best of Breed with a 4pt Major! We didn't let her run for BIF since it was so hot. Mara is over half way to her Field Championship title in just one weekend.
Check out photos from her big weekend!


- Aug 1 - Kya earns her ASFA Field Championship at the CLCA Desert Dog Trial. She finished in style with 2 of her best runs! 

- Kya earns her Senior Courser title at the AKC Mother's Day trial! She also got 5th place in Open on Saturday.

- Kya earned a 1st and 2nd place in CLCA ASFA coursing May 1 & 2, only 18 points to go towards her FCh title!


- Dec 26 & 27, Back to back Best of Breeds this weekend in ASFA! Go Kya, what a way to finish the year! 

- Nov 14 & 15, Kya ran her heart out as an ASFA trial in Stanley, NM. Kya earned a 2nd place in Open on Saturday and 1st place on Sunday. Kya is about half way to her Field Championship now. 

- Bek and Kya ran LGRA trial today, Nov. 1 (Kya's first time straight racing)! Bek took first and Kya second! Look out Bek,
Kya is going to speed right by you once she gets the hang of this!

- Kya earns her first AKC field champion point and 2nd place at the RMBC Mother's Day trial!

-  May 3, Kya wins her second consecutive ASFA Best of Breed title, defeating 3 field champions

**FLASH** new title!
- Kya earns her Junior Courser (JC) title on April 19 in Stanley, NM! 
It was cold with snow on the ground, but Kya didn't even notice!

- Kya wins Best of Breed at her first ASFA trial in Falcon, CO on April 5!

**FLASH** new title!
- Bek earned his Gazehound Racing Championship (GRC) title on Sunday March 22. Bek had a great weekend, winning 1st place over 14 Ridgebacks on Saturday and then 1st place again on Sunday over 13 Ridgebacks!

- Kya certified to run in ASFA lure coursing events in February. She ran her heart out and am looking forward to getting her out and competing soon.


- In November Bek earned two 2nd places and 2 more GRC points at a CLCA LGRA trial in Colorado. Bek is now half way to earning his GRC (Grand Racing Champion) title.

- Bek earned two 1st places and 2 GRC points at the CLCA LGRA trial in Colorado