Jan 26 - Bek goes back to basics and foundtion work and into the Novice Preferred class. He earned his first STD P Q! Mara was officially measured to start trialing in AKC, so look forward to getting her in the ring this spring.


Sept 22 - Bek and I competed at the DOCNA Nationals for the first time in Longmont, CO. He earned 1st places in the regionals in Intern Jumpers and Intern Standard runs!

Sept 16, - Bek earned his first AKC Exc A Q in the FAST class and 2nd place!

Mar 11 - in Garden City, Kansas, Bek wrapped up his Open AKC titles and got his third leg in Open Jumpers for his Open Jumpers title! 2nd Place!

Mar 9 - Garden City, Kansas, a trial hosted by the Dodge City Agility Club, Bek gave me a great birthday present, his 3rd Open FAST Q for his Open FAST title and he did it in blazing speed, 19 seconds! Needless to say that was also a 1st place.

Feb 19 - New title! Bek had a double Q out of Open on Sunday at the Colorado Kennel Club trial in Denver. His first Q was in Open Standard and that was his 3rd for his Open Std title!! He then Q'd in Open FAST later the same day. That is his 2nd FAST leg. He also earned 1st places for both of his runs! Videos coming soon....

Jan 22 - Two weeks later at the Denver Samoyed Assoc. Trial in Golden, CO he earned his second Open JWW leg and another first place!

Jan 1 - Bek started the
New Year in style by earning his first Open JWW leg at the New Years weekend trial in Windsor, CO and a first place! He had a clean run, 100pts!  Check out Bek's clean run!


Bek and competed in DOCNA over the Oct 15&16 weekend, our first DOCNA trial in over a year and he had an amazing weekend! He qualified 5 out of his 8 runs for the weekend, earned three Beginner titles and qualified in the North American Challenge run, qualifying him to run at DOCNA Nationals next year! He earned a Gamblers, Jumpers and Snakes & Ladders title this weekend! He also had 4 first places and a 2nd place! Team Bek is really starting to come together!

Bek and I have spent most of 2011 doing some retraining and rediscovering foundation work
. We tested the waters last weekend, Aug 27 & 28 at the RMATC trial, and I am happy to say that it's really paying off! We had a great, focused, consistent weekend. Bek also earned his second Open leg in Standard and First place!! Watch some vidoes of our runs! JWW Run
Q Std Run


Bek earned his first Open FAST Q and 4th place, at LPDTC AKC trial in Fort Collins, CO on Oct 30. 

In September, Bek competed at the RRCUS National Specialty in Ventura, CA. It was a one day, Ridgeback only trial, in a gorgeous setting right next to the beach. We didn't Q but had a great weekend. Check out Bek's standard run here.

Photos by Mike McCallum

5/29 - 5/30 - We played DOCNA agility over Memorial Day weekend and had some nice successes. It was really hot and Bek did his best running outdoors in the heat. We earned a Jumpers Q and 1st place on Saturday, just needing one more for his title. Bek earned a Q and 1st place in the North American Challenge on Sunday and which makes Bek eligible to run at the DOCNA Nationals in Sept.

Read our story about Bek and agility! Read about other Ridgebacks in agility too. Thank you to Bonita Snodgrass of Bawana Kennel who took the time to showcase Ridgebacks in agility on her site and let us tell our story too. 

New Title

1/9 - Bek statrted out the new year with style earning his Novice Agility title in Standard. Bek has earned all of his Novice AKC titles and the adventure begins in Open!


11/28 - Bek earned his second Q in Novice Standard and 2nd place, only one more to go for his NA title!

10/24 - 10/25
Bek had a fabulous weekend at the LPDTC trial in Fort Collins, CO!!! He earned 2 Qs in Novice FAST, resulting in the Novice FAST title, NF. His two Q's were also First places!! He also earned a Q and First place in JWW class resulting in his Novice Jumpers title, NAJ!! Go Bek!! Check out Bek's Jumpers Q run video.

9/5 - 9/6
Labor Day weekend we played DOCNA agility. Bek had a very successful weekend, he earned 3 Q's and 3 First Places! One Tradional Gamblers Q, Jumpers Q and his 3rd Standard Q, giving him his Beginner's Standard Title, (C-BSA). Check out the video of Bek's title Standard run and his Jumpers Q (Thanks Meldona for taping this run!) run.

7/25 - 7/26
What a great agility weekend for us! We earned two Q's in AKC this weekend, one in Standard and one in Jumpers. His standard Q earned 2nd Place and his Jumpers Q was a 1st Place! Bek needs one more Q for his Novice Jumpers title.

7/19 - Check out one of Bek's AKC Novice Standard runs. Thank you Meldona for recodring! It wasn't a Q, but fun to watch.

Bek earns two Qualifying runs and two First places in DOCNA agility. Bek now has his second leg towards his Beginner's standard title, and earned his first leg for Strategic Time Gamble!


Bek starts 09 in style by earning his first AKC Novice Jumpers Q with a FIRST place, perfect score and 7 seconds under course time!


Bek earns FIRST place and a qualifying run in AKC Novice FAST class at the
Ridgeback National Specialty in September 2008. 

Watch Bek run his "creative" Standard run and JWW run at Nationals.
Thank you Oksana for taking these videos!


Bek wins FIRST place and a qualifying run in DOCNA Novice Standard class at the
FAAD trial in early September 2008. Bek also teamed up with his MIBESICO Trigility team
and earned a second place and a qualifying run in the Novice class.
In May, Bek earned his first Qualifying run and title in DOCNA, as a team member in Trigility! Bek now has a C-BTA title